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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Preventing Repairs

preventative maintenance in englewood, FL

The best approach to make sure your car is reliable is to perform preventative maintenance, which also saves you money by preventing significant repairs and their associated costs. Emery Auto & Diesel Repair Inc. offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program and has all the tools and knowledge required to handle the small jobs that keep the large ones from happening. The fluids, oils, filters, and belts that your car needs to keep running joyfully and healthily are available in a wide variety. Our expert specialists will evaluate your vehicle while you unwind, and you can be sure that it will continue to run well for countless kilometers.

The first part of our preventative maintenance program deals with your vehicle’s fluids. Your car needs these fluids to keep running smoothly and prevent overheating. Our technicians in Englewood, Florida are happy to check and refill your engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze, power steering, and wiper fluids quickly so you can get back on the road. We also perform checks on your radiator to ensure there are no small leaks caused by stones and other road debris.

Comprehensive preventive maintenance

The next area of our program deals with the filters in your car. Whether filtering oil, fuel, or air, your car’s engine and drivetrain rely on pure ingredients free from power-robbing particles. Your vehicle’s fuel system, for example, wants only the purest gasoline or diesel. When microscopic particles build up in the system over time they reduce its efficiency and cause issues like decreased gas mileage. The same goes for your engine’s air filter. An engine needs a mix of fuel and air to achieve combustion, and that can’t happen if your motor can’t breathe. Changing your car’s filters on a regular basis will stop this from happening. Emery Auto & Diesel Repair Inc will check that all of your car’s filters are flowing freely and without obstruction, including the sometimes disregarded cabin air filter, which can have a significant impact on how comfortable a car is to be inside.

We excel in a crucial area of preventative maintenance called tire balancing. If your car’s tires are out of balance, they could be putting undue strain on components in the suspension, braking, and drivetrain systems, which can cost you greatly further down the road. A much more affordable, simpler, and safer way to make sure your car stays on the road and prolong the life of your tires is to have your wheels and tires professionally balanced.

When performing preventive maintenance, it is crucial to check your car’s timing belts. In order for the engine of your car to turn completely, a number of things must happen. These belts make sure that they all align with one another and take place at precisely the proper time. The health of your engine and the rest of your vehicle could be significantly harmed should the belts sustain damage or break because the events could then go out of sync and occur at the wrong moment. Emery Auto & Diesel Repair Inc makes sure that all of your car’s belts are in good condition and that everything continues to occur at precisely the proper time.

For your preventative maintenance needs

Call Emery Auto & Diesel Repair Inc at (941) 548-4070 or stop by our shop in Englewood, FL to set up an appointment for us to look at it if you want us to make sure that your car is ready to transport you securely for years to come.

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